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Mold Remediation

Indoor mold growth is a common problem in South Florida but ignoring it can result in significant property damage and can adversely affect your health. Mold growth is truly a moisture problem, and whenever there is too much moisture mold is likely to follow.

Mold growth often occurs after there has been a water loss such as a leaking roof, appliance, or pipe, or when there has been a flood. When water damage is dried promptly mold can be prevented, but it only takes 24-48 hours before mold growth begins. High humidity levels can also encourage mold growth.

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Mold Removal Experts

Clear Restoration technicians are experts when it comes to mold remediation and removal. Not only do we follow all industry established guidelines for proper mold removal, but we are certified by the Indoor Air Quality Association and fully committed to improving the health of your home or business. We are a licensed mold remediator – FL Mold license MRS291.

Not all mold remediation experts are alike. When you choose Clear Restoration, you can feel confident knowing that your mold problem will be handled professionally. We require that post remediation mold testing be conducted by an independent third-party provider to ensure mold levels in your property are safe and the mold has been effectively removed, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Signs of Mold Growth

When mold is visibly growing on a wall or ceiling, it’s obvious that there’s a problem. But many times, mold growth occurs in areas you can’t see, such as within a wall, below flooring, behind or under cabinets, and in the attic or crawlspace. In those instances, check for visible signs of water damage. Things like peeling or bubbling paint, water stains, “soft” drywall or warped or buckled building materials can all point to areas where water damage has or is occurring and where mold growth potential is greatest.

If you suspect mold growth or water damage in your home or commercial property, do not hesitate to call Clear Restoration. We use advanced moisture imaging and detection equipment to measure moisture levels in your property that could contribute to a mold problem. We’ll pinpoint the source and determine the extent of damage.

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